Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Baby Catch Up Part 2: Oh Diaper, How Do I Love Thee!

Yes, I will admit it. I obsess over cloth diapers. I love them! Why can't I go back to my 20 year old self and give her the insight I have now? If I would have known how easy, how wonderful, how fun cloth diapering is I would have done it with all my kids. Behold, the amazing diaper!

This picture makes me laugh! These amazing diapers fit from 8-35 pounds. No pins, no covers. These are one piece. The outside is PUL (polyurethane laminate), the inside is soft, cushy fleece. There is a pocket which holds a micro fiber insert. After they have soiled they go into the diaper pail. I have a special detergent that I use. A Happy Green Life. It's gentle and doesn't cause build up in the diapers. I do a short wash, a regular wash with the detergent and then an extra rinse then hang them to dry or do a light tumble with with wool dryer balls. This is the first of my babies to not experience diaper rash. I have no stinky diapers filling up my trash can each week and did I mention that I'm saving A TON of money???
I can't say enough good things about these, so I'll just post more cute pictures of my kid's fluffy butt.
 These are known as "woolies". They are used as a cover for diapers without PUL.
 A swim diaper. No nasty chemicals, just a diaper without the insert.
 Kickin' it old school
 This isn't what I normally use, but it's an example of the "new" diaper pin. It's called a snappi. Works kinda like an ace bandage fastener. Much safer for all involved.
 Did I mention all the cute colors? Pink fluff all the way!
Last, but not least... who can resist this baby chub?
Yep, I'm obsessed, and I love it! I'll probably cry the day she potty trains!

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