Friday, January 25, 2013


Last night I was able to witness a baptism. The fourth one in three weeks! The couple last night didn't have any family or friends there. Bobby was baptizing them and they asked he and I to sit up front with them. All the baptisms I have witnessed this last month have been special, and maybe it was different because I was sitting so far up, but I felt something really amazing.
I don't know these people particularly well. In fact they showed up at church about three or four weeks ago saying that they had visited Temple Square in Salt Lake City and felt the Spirit very strongly and wanted to know where they could get baptized. I was unsure of how deep their commitment went, I admit that I can tend to be a bit hesitant in believing that someone could commit to a religion so easily. Didn't they realize that it's not exactly easy being Mormon? However, over the last few weeks I had befriended them and they seems like genuine, very nice people.
My husband was in the water and the gentleman stepped in beside him. They moved into position and that's when I saw the look on this man's face. Complete joy. A spirit radiated out of him that was so strong I could practically see it. All at once I knew without a doubt that this man had a testimony of Jesus Christ. He went under the water and my eyes filled with tears. All hesitation I had about these people completely disappeared. They had found truth and recognized it immediately. Who was I to doubt them for acting so quickly. I'm so thankful to have been able to witness that special moment. It strengthened my own spirit and gave me further testimony that Jesus Christ knows each and every one of us. There is so much wickedness in this world today, but there is a balance of righteousness. By following Jesus Christ we can have faith to know that there is SO much good in this world and there are people out there just aching to find it. 
Again, I'm so thankful to have witnessed these people's faith. If you feel it and believe it, then do it.
Like Sis. Dibb said:
I know it,
I live it,
I love it!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Ellis, The Story Teller

You should ask Ellis sometime about her ninja sister, or about the magic bird from another world with beautiful wings. Be sure to ask Ellis about Monkey Father and about the black bird that was sad. And if you are really looking for a good story, just come over for dinner. Most nights when we are seated around the table ready to eat Ellis will begin to tell a story. I don't know where she comes up these, but they are really, really good. It might be about our lizard that falls into faerie world or about a boy whose parents died and finds new ones. But whatever she comes up with, you're in for a treat. I love this girl!