Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Oh Christmas Tree

Every year I think that our tree turns out so pretty! This year I thought I would take a few pictures of our favourite ornaments. I still haven't figured out why blogspot turns pictures taken with a Cannon camera, so bear with the horizontal photos. :)
 This year we got a Scotch Pine. The branches are bare except for the ends, so you hang most of the ornaments in the tree.
 Glass ornaments are our favourites! This snowman seems so jolly and I love seeing him each year!
 Last year our tree fell over and we broke about half of our ornaments. This Santa is a new addition this year.
 I picked up this cute trolley car in San Francisco in Bloomingdale's on Black Friday a few years ago.
 I love this little reindeer. The snow in the bottom of the ornament moves around.
 Most of our ornaments seem to be Santas. Perhaps it's the red and white we like. There are so many depictions!
 I love the feathers on the mittens.
 This ornament used to hang on my Grandma Burdette's tree. Before LED lights you would put one of the tree lights under the ornament and the heat would make the fan turn. This is a very special ornament.
 Chandler made this in kindergarten. I love seeing him so tiny!
This year my sisters and I started a new tradition of sending each other ornaments to hang on our tree that remind us of each other. This is what I got this year for us. However, I forgot to send it on time! So dear sisters, this is what you will be getting in the mail in the next few weeks!
Merry Christmas!